2017: La ONU, más necesaria que nunca en un mundo convulso

"El mundo ha retrocedido en aspectos fundamentales", <a href=”http://www.un.org/spanish/News/story.asp?newsID=38630#.WkkmqFWnFPY”>declaró</a> este domingo el Secretario General, que llamó a la unidad de la comunidad internacional. Repasemos algunos de los eventos más destacados del año que se acaba.
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Few expect 2018 to be as great as 2017 – Max Wolff

Investors took profits on the last day of trading, says Max Wolff, chief economist at the Phoenix Group. He adds, Softbank buying Uber is a steal, and Amazon will continue to do well despite U.S. president Donald Trump’s tweets. Aleksandra Michalska reports.

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Año Nuevo saludable

¡Haga que el 2018 sea el año más saludable que haya tenido! ¡Agregue estos consejos a su lista de propósitos para mejorar su salud y bienestar!
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Bolivia seeks partners to power up lithium sector

Bolivia is hoping to attract foreign investors to the country where nearly a decade of state-led development has left output far short of goals for the metal, coveted by makers of batteries for devices from laptops to electric cars. Silvia Antonioli reports.

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South Korea students dive into virtual coins

Hackers have stolen millions, lawmakers are pushing for new taxes and regulations, and a leading financial official has called them a “Ponzi scheme”. But that hasn’t cooled a frenzy for bitcoin and other virtual currencies that is gripping young investors in South Korea. Grace Lee reports.

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